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The Web Designing course at TOPS Technologies provides practical know-how into the subject. The course is designed by website designing experts and trainers who have pooled in years of expertise to guarantee the most lucrative job opportunities for their students.

The course makes you learn all the aspects of web designing so as to help you grab a lucrative job opportunity. The Institute executes live projects, workshops and free demo lectures along with the advanced training that helps students learn the practical aspect of the subject.


Web Designing Training Syllabus/ Course:


Module 1 – Fundamentals
  • Introduction to World Wide Web
  • Protocols of WWW
  • Hypertext and links
  • URL and Domain Name System
  • Internet
  • Internet Browsers
  • Web site
  • Web Page
  • Home Page
  • Introduction to SEO


Module 2 – Web Designing
    •  Introduction to HTML
    •  HTML Elements» HTML Tags
    •  HTML Anchor Tag» Images
    •  HTML List» HTML Table
    •  HTML Form
    •  HTML Events
    •  Div And Span
      •  CSS Syntax
      •  CSS Boxes
      •  CSS Selector
      •  Font Formatting with CSS
      •  Applying CSS
      •  Floating and Positioning» Stacking
      •  Page Layout with CSS
      •  Liquid Page Design» Fixed Page Design
      •  Elastic Page Design» Internal» External
      •  Inline
      •  Margins and Padding
      •  CSS Background
      •  CSS Classes and ID
      •  CSS Pseudo-Classes
Website Formatting


Module 3 – Tools
    • Illustrator
    • Corel Draw
    • Flash
    • Dreamweaver

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